Down to the Studs  Meal time in your kitchen is an obstacle course of hot pans, scattered homework, and soccer cleats. That cupboard door is coming off and this junk drawer won’t open. Who designed this layout anyway? You’d retreat for some sanctuary in your master bath, but the grout looks like it’s been tie-dyed different shades of “off white” and you don’t like going in there barefoot. Sledge hammers and dust don’t scare you; you’d start the gut-job right now if you could. But then what?  

 I’ll help you put down the pry bar and pick up a pencil to plan out your renovation. To begin, we’ll talk about creating a space that works for your family. How do you spend your time at home? How long do you plan to live there? What would make you look forward to coming home each day? We’ll work through layouts, design options, material choices and I’ll present a prioritized plan. I’ll oversee contracted work (painters, carpenters, & electricians; oh my!) who may be removing a wall, installing cabinetry, laying new tile, and wiring in those perfect new light fixtures. As soon as the paint is dry, new furnishings arrive (I’ll schedule delivery and be there when they ring your doorbell -- and light a fire under their ass if they’re not), your new decor is staged, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this years ago.

Room Refresh  Something about this room just isn’t doing it for you. Maybe it’s the furniture... could it be time to upgrade? Then again, that chair isn’t worn out yet (besides, you do try to keep the kids out of this room), so maybe it’s the paint color. You never thought you’d wallpaper but today’s patterns are nothing like what was in grandma’s house. Would it look better if you matched the curtains to the rug or purposefully contrasted it? How kid and husband-proof will it be?

 Whether you just  moved in to a new space,  are staging to sell, or somewhere in between, I’ll think through your unique variables and match them with your style. Design choices are limitless, so we’ll methodically plan color palettes and furniture arrangement. Together we can make a big impact with only a few new pieces.

An Experienced 2nd Opinion   You’ve done your homework. You watched Chip and Joanna make shiplap a meme. You doubled tapped that room on Instagram a month before you saw it on Houzz. You know the sale on those two new chairs ends next week. You’re convinced your friends will walk in to your new room and remark, “A+”. Then, right before you click “buy now” you doubt your hard work.

In one afternoon we combine forces to make sure you’ll maximize the enjoyment, use, and style of your space. I’ll tell you what’s working well and what might need to be revisited. The credit will be all yours. I’m here to roll up my sleeves, hang curtains, blinds or art, arrange a gallery wall or stage a small area of your home The credit will be all yours.



Personal Shopping  Walking into a Pottery Barn has you coveting everything from the tufted leather sofa down to the votive candles but you are overwhelmed by the choices. If you brought something home you aren’t sure that what you purchased will fit in; literally and figuratively. Whether you would like to meet me at the store or send me with a list I’ll help you find just what you are looking for without the stress. It’s the thrill of finding the perfect pieces that bring it all together in the end, or the one throw pillow that inspires a jumping off point-- it’s truly all in the details. The hunt can take place online, in retail stores, or even antique malls or second hand establishments, and new decor will be staged.

Color Consultation  You’ve made several trips to the local paint shop for those tiny color chips that always look different in your Living Room as they did under the florescent lights at the store. You may have even gotten as far as painting an entire wall and then decided the color is not as you imagined it would be. A Color Consultation is ideal for anyone who is overwhelmed by the endless color choices for either a small space or their whole home. This package includes an in-home consultation considering up to 3 rooms in an hour. I will suggest a cohesive scheme complimentary to your style, existing color palette, and period/style of your home.

Holiday Sprucing  At holiday time we are all bustling for school performances, work parties, and the neighborhood pot luck. You barely have time to shop for gifts let alone decorate your home like the winter wonderland you have envisioned. Treat yo’ self with a stress free holiday decorating session. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes and a few new items can help bring new life to traditional family heirlooms. This package includes holiday decorating with existing and suggested new decor for any space of your home including mantles, front door displays, Christmas tree assembly, table settings, and more.



While the all phases below may not apply to your project many of them could. We can talk about the best approach for what you need.

Image Strategy Phase

The Initial Meeting is when we have the opportunity to discuss your desires and understand how your family moves about your home. I’ll ask you what you love about your space, and what you find challenging. What you’d like to keep and what you’d like to change. I’ll take inventory, measure, and photograph your space. We will touch on timeline and budget, and if needed we will refer to an architect or any other consultants before beginning the next phase. This Initial Meeting is a chance to get to know each other and is complimentary.

Within 1-2 weeks of our Initial Meeting I will send you an Image Strategy Proposal, a fee for the time involved in creating the concept. I will take everything from the meeting and begin to conceptualize the space. During this phase is when the creative juices begin to flow and I can’t wait to share them with you. I will develop new space plans, furniture concepts, color palettes, as well as select possible options for paint, wall covering, flooring, lighting, window treatments, moldings, cabinetry and countertops if necessary. This is also the phase when any custom-designed pieces or treatments would be sketched for you to review.

During the Image Strategy Meeting we will discuss all the possibilities for your space. The concepts and images presented will not necessarily be the actual furnishings or fixtures, rather reflect an overall concept showcasing the potential of the space. Mood boards, renderings, sketches of space, and at times samples will be presented to communicate the vision. No decisions need to be made during this meeting. A follow-up Concept Meeting may be needed to finalize selections for your space.

Feel free to scroll through a few recent presentations.

Construction Phase & Installation

During the Construction and Installation phase very exciting progress is taking place. Together we will select contractors (architects, builders, plumbers, electricians, etc.) if needed.  I will oversee that all details be communicated to the contractors to ensure that the budget, timeline and details of the project are followed. I will oversee communications and bids with contractors.

Furnishing & Staging Phase

After designs have been approved and a final detailing of your plans have taken place, we are ready to enter into the Sourcing and Procurement phase where it’s all about the details. Proposals to Purchase are drafted for your approval for all of your interior finishes, furnishings, accessories & artwork. Before we finish the project I will do a walk-through with you to prepare a list of any remaining items needing attention. As the saying goes, “It’s all in the details”, before any space is finished your room will be staged for your approval. It is my intention that upon conclusion that you feel as though our collaboration has laid the foundation for you to live and work efficiently and comfortably in your new space.