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Explore our proven five-step process, designed to ensure that our time working together is smooth sailing from beginning to end.

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Step 1: Complete an inquiry form

Step 2: Initial Meeting

Step 3: Design Preparation

Step 4: Finalize Design Decisions

Step 5: Final Reveal

Frequently Asked Questions

I loved working with Jackie. She gave great suggestions, but always took mine into consideration. She gave great guidance without being pushy.

- Alisa M.

If you are looking for an interior designer, YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE! 

- Carrie W.

Jackie is wonderfully patient and willing to work with you on different options. Strongly recommended!

- Whitney S.

Step One

Complete the Inquiry Form

We get it, hiring an interior designer can be like going on a blind date and being required to be an open book right away with your most intimate things—your personal space and finances.

When you’re investing in tailoring your forever home, you want to make sure you hire someone you trust.

That’s why the first step is to figure out if working together is a good fit.

Step Two

Initial Meeting

To design a space that’s more than pretty we need to understand the people we’re designing for. That’s why our team not only takes the time to get to know your home but also you and your family.

You’ll give us all the details on what’s working and what’s not and we’ll guide you through a fun and insightful process to get to know your style, your vision, and all preferences including vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

While we’re there, we’ll also start talking about the timeline and budget. Then, we’ll take measurements and photos to get inspired by all the possibilities.

Step Three

Design Presentation

This is where the Concept Phase–and the fun–really begins. Over the course of two to four hours (champagne lunch included), we’ll get creative together and figure everything out from floor plan to cabinet hardware.

We’ll start with the framework we've sketched out, and by the end we’ll have a comprehensive roadmap to begin your home renovation journey, complete with mood boards, an estimated budget and timeline, and specific furniture and accessory suggestions.

Step Four

Finalize design decisions

When you’re ready to move forward with your project, we get together for one final check to confirm all the beautiful details before we take the plunge and you “hand over the keys” to your space so my team and we can handle the rest.

We are your eyes and ears throughout the process while ensuring orders are placed and fulfilled and 100% satisfactory work by contractors is completed. This is my full-time job so you can focus on the things that are important to you.

Step Five

Final reveal

No peeking. You’ll be asked to leave your home for a few hours while we work our magic (after all, magicians never reveal their secrets).

This is the day when the delivery truck arrives, everything is installed white-glove, and staged to perfection.

Once your home’s transformation is complete, we welcome you back to experience and relish in your fit-like-a-glove forever home.

The cherry on top

Seeing your space fully staged by using a combination of your most precious keepsakes and new decor is more beautiful than you could have imagined. How did we know that lamp would work so well there? We just know. For 24-48 hours we invite you to live with the decor pieces we have chosen for you, and you can let us know which things you would like to purchase and which are to be returned.

Live happy

It is my personal guarantee that you and your family will enjoy living in this new, perfectly-tailored space - and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Now go ahead and gush about how this transformation has changed your daily routine, improved your relationships within your family, and increased your overall health and well-being!


Budgets And Fees

+ How are design fees calculated?

Consultation services are billed as flat fees depending on the type of services you need. If at any time the scope of the project is revised the fee will also be revised. All of the fees are discussed with you prior to any work being completed so that everyone is comfortable moving forward.

+ Can you work within my budget?

One of the first steps we take together is examining the needs of your project and how they align with your budget. Having a clearly defined budget is very important for a project to run smoothly and for your expectations to be met.

+ What additional costs can I expect?

I do my best to give you a full cost outlook, but additional costs for shipping, storage, and construction occasionally happen. If these costs are foreseen I will alert you immediately.

Get In Touch


+ Can I shop on my own?

Since you have hired me to design and complete a vision for your space I ask that you do not select or purchase items prior to us discussing how to move forward with the space. The reasons being that the selection may not be a fit for the design, space, or budget. If applicable to the project you will receive detailed specifications for items to be purchased direct, otherwise it is my policy to purchase the fixtures, furnishings and other components necessary to carry out the vision that we have chosen together.

+ Where do you source from?

My business is not structured to source from online or big box retailers. That’s not because I disagree with that approach or don’t like their products. It’s because I offer a better solution which results in a more organized, highly efficient and less-stressful experience for my clients. The vendors that I use are direct-to-market who only sell to interior designers. The quality is better and the installation process is hassle free.

+ What is the difference between a designer and a retail store?

I will be looking out for your best interests, exhibit transparency, and listen to your concerns. It is my goal to turn what can potentially be a stressful situation into a fun and rewarding experience. An online design service or retail store is applying their style to all of their customers. I provide a tailored, individualized, strategic approach, custom made for your family as I get to know you.

+ How do I place an order?

All orders for furnishings, otherwise discussed, will be placed through Jackie Barnes Design. Because I hold professional trade accounts with manufacturers and retailers I am able to purchase items below retail prices. I will be passing along these savings to you. Once you receive an invoice to purchase materials and furnishings you have 3 days to either accept or decline the item(s). For acceptance, full payment is required to place an order.

+ Can I change my mind after an order is placed?

Most often orders cannot be cancelled or refunded. In the event that a full refund can be attained you may cancel the order and receive a refund for the cost of the item minus the purchasing fee and any other applicable fees such as return shipping. You will be charged hourly for the time spent on cancelled orders. Custom orders are non-refundable.

+ What if I have concerns about an item?

Please bring these to my attention immediately and we will discuss your concerns and if necessary, find a more desirable solution. If you discover that there is a price difference between my trade source and another store please trust that I will try my best to find the best quality for the best price. The decision about what is purchased and installed in your home is ultimately yours.

Learn more about the process

Coordination of Services

+ Do you work with contractors?

Unless you already have a contractor that you feel really strongly about using for this project, I prefer to use professionals that I have a history with because we’ve already ironed out the kinks of working together—ensuring a smooth process.

If we are unable to use my contractors, there will be a slight cost increase in design fees.

+ What if I decide to not move forward after the Design Consultation?

You are not required to hire me for Full Service Design after the Design Consultation. However, the fixtures and furnishings that we selected during the consultation are only able to be purchased through my designer-only suppliers when you hire me for Full Service Design. So unfortunately, if you’d rather source the items yourself, you will need to shop around to find alternatives.


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