Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace

Jackie Barnes

I have never met a color palette I didn’t like.

Whether components of a room are to be arranged in a traditional or a more casual style I would happily spend all day assembling and creating unique compositions.

I developed a passion for working with materials and fabrics at a young age by watching my mother sew for my sisters and me. Designing and hand beading my senior prom dress sparked my creative drive. Then in my 20’s as my husband and I began making our house into our home I was able to take my style and design skills to a whole new level; this time it was with paint and tile and I realized how much I loved every step of the process. Now as a mother of 2 little ones our house has changed a bit (read: wrecked). While it is a challenge, I think it is still important to maintain a respectable level of style while accommodating sticky fingers and flying Nerf darts. I love my family and a good challenge, so things are working out.

Our overall well being is impacted by the spaces in which we live. Our personal style should be reflected in our home, and that is what I would like to help you accomplish. Whether you are new to your first home, in the middle of raising a family, or simply ready to finally find style solutions to spaces in your home that you have been looking for, I’m your girl.




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